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Watch Revolution Season 1 Episode 16 Online


  • Episode Name:
    The Love Boat
  • Air date:
  • Summary:
    Miles and Tom Neville find themselves fighting for the same cause but Miles still doesn’t trust him. And Charlie, Jason and Nora attempt to pull off a daring river rescue of Dr. Stephen Camp (Timothy Busfield) to keep deadly anthrax out of the hands of Monroe. Meanwhile Rachel and Aaron are captured and threatened by Militia forces.


One of the most peculiar things about ‘Home,’ as a late-in-the-season entry to Revolution, is that after all the fighting, the stabbing and the attempted mass murder of the people of Atlanta, it requires Monroe taking the residents of his and Miles’ hometown hostage for Miles to start taking things personally.

While it’s an understandable reaction to the events of the episode at this point in the season, dedicating a large chunk of the storyline to a relationship requiring a series of flashbacks from way before the blackout was even a possibility – just to establish context – feels like an unnecessary waste of time. Moreover, the considerable momentum the series was able to pick up following its return from a lengthy hiatus seems to be all but gone now, leaving the plot in neutral until the push toward the finale hopefully kicks it back into gear.

It seems particularly problematic for a series that frequently relies on flashbacks as a means of connecting the dots between the cause and effect of the blackout that it would have to resort to showing teenage versions of Miles and Monroe, and their shared love interest Emma, to get the point of ‘Home’ across.  More troubling is the fact that even though Revolution goes to some trouble to depict young Miles and Monroe in love with the same woman, the episode never actually finds a way to justify those emotions or why either man would continue to carry such a strong bond to a place that doesn’t merit being mentioned by name in the entirety of the episode.