Awkward. Season 3 Episode 7 Putlocker Video Stream

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Watch Awkward. Season 3 Episode 7 Online


  • Episode Name:
    Guilt Trippin’
  • Air date:
  • Summary:
    Jenna recalls bad memories while attending a dance.


The episode opened with Jenna’s glaringly obvious lack of a costume. Luckily, Matty (Beau Mirchoff) was in tow to share his. A little smudge of his nose zinc and a lending of his whistle, and Matty had transformed his girlfriend into a cold weather lifeguard, while he happily flaunted his abs as a plain old normal one. Val (Desi Lydic) was on hand to offer Jenna some of her own particular brand of sage advice once our heroine began doubting her originality and specialness. Was Matty out of her league? Val, in typical fashion, only managed to make matters slightly worse, dressing up as an “average student” to detract bullies from egging her, the guidance counselor and vice principal. Unfortunately, she borrowed her costume straight from Jenna’s laundry. Does the entire town find Jenna Hamilton boring?

Tamara (Jillian Rose-Reed), fortunately, was on hand to offer some solid advice to her bff. The fact that Sabri (What a gag-worthy name) and her minions had topped their “Hot” list with Matty and their “Not” list with Jenna meant nothing. She certainly hasn’t kept Jenna on board as her best friend because she’s boring, and Jake (Brett Davern) concurred.


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